Burn The Witch

Does anyone think it’s weird that the media doesn’t report on what a dangerous threat to Kim that Kanye has become? 

You dont have to follow either Kim Kardashian or Kanye West to have heard that they are having a bitter divorce. Every day there’s another threat coming from Kanye towards Kim and those around her. The media is silent except to report on it and make money from it.

Reminds me of the time they drove Paris Hilton to jail. The media was cheering and the coverage was all day on CNN and CourtTV. This young girl was in the back of a cop car crying and the media bobble heads were cheering and smiling commenting how funny it was.

Let’s turn our attention to the Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain era. The awful press Courtney received and still does to this day. The hatred is palpable. This woman is grieving her husband’s suicide and MTV followed her around like a reality show trying to get the worst moments for public viewing. Inside Edition the tabloid “news” channel showed Courtney upside down with her underwear showing and Bill O’reilly was hosting then(he’d probably like me to forget, but nope) Bill would be putting his two cents in being horrible as ever, showing no empathy for this woman who had been made a recent widow. 

Then there’s the whole Britney thing. Literally NO ONE stopped or did anything while Britney was hounded like a dog to public restrooms, fast food places, Starbucks. Even on the beach she couldn’t get peace. It still goes on to this day as every time Britney posts on Instagram, her posts are dissected by so called fans and the media and words like ”crazy” ”unwell” and ”weird” are thrown around.

Then there’s Yoko Ono. She broke up The Beatles. She has no talent. Who asked her for her opinion? She changed John.

Angelina Jolie. Brad is America’s golden boy. Angelina was a dark temptress turned vindictive bitch after the breakup. She kissed her brother. Oh my god, she kissed her brother, that whore!

We can go back to Nancy Spungen in the 70s who was allegedly stabbed to death by Sid Vicious, her boyfriend at the time, but it was Nancy that was eviscerated in the news media. Called the worst person in the world, a groupie, prostitute, junkie who got Sid hooked, they all but said she deserved it. 

I read Nancy’s mother’s book and it was heartbreaking. 
There are more examples, but you get my drift. The hatred of women is still one of the world’s favorite pastimes.

These women are human beings, they have mothers, they are flesh and blood human beings with emotions and they are layered. Are they perfect? No. Are you?

Women are still judged so harshly that if they do even the slightest thing that goes against the good, quiet girl narrative, they are looked at as trash, crazy, a mess, slut, asking for it.

I posted a piece about dark feminine women and some random guy replied with “hard pass” as if it was even a possibility that these women would date him anyway. This is how the male dominated media thinks. That women are solely in the world to fuck them and if said woman is not appealing to them, they will be shamed, shunned, blamed, and bear the brunt of male rage from the men’s own past failures. 

The Salem witch trials are still burning women, just not physically at the stake, but publicly on social media and blogs.

Be aware of your part in it.

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