Frances Bean Cobain’s Ex gets Kurt’s Unplugged guitar.

Little Frances Bean is all grown up and if you didn’t know, she went through a divorce a couple years ago from her now Ex, Isaiah Silva. The couple married in 2014 and the divorce was finalized in 2016 even though they were still dividing assets.

One of the main issues between the couple was the 1959 Martin guitar Frances’s father, the late Kurt Cobain, played during the legendary Nirvana Unplugged show in 93, a year before the singer died. The Blast reported the guitar is worth millions of dollars.

Silva claimed that Frances gave him the guitar as a gift and that he should be able to keep it. Frances denied that she gave it to him and the judge, obviously not a Nirvana fan, has sided with Silva, and he will get to keep the guitar. Ugh.

I feel bad for Frances with this judgment because even if she did give him the guitar, she was obviously caught up in the throws of young love and thought this marriage would last forever. Surely the now 25 year old Frances who has recently posted an original song on her Instagram. @space_witch666 is in a better place today and I wish her the best going forward.

If Isaiah Silva was any type of decent human being, he would give the girl back her father’s guitar. Jerk.

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