Celebrities React to The Royal Wedding

Twitterverse was lit over the weekend with everyone tweeting the #RoyalWedding and celebrities, just like us, were watching and tweeting like crazy.

Some of the best ones:

Russel Crowe (Did anyone know he was a romantic, hmmm?)

Awww Russell, when you’re not throwing phones across hotel rooms, you seem pretty nice. Bless.

Baby Spice Emma Bunton dressed up like a bride and had a house party apparently. Kathy Griffin reminded us that while Gingers are usually ridiculed and mocked, today would be a day for gingers around the world to rejoice. Yay! Go Gingers!

Billy Idol chimed in along with Kirstie Alley. And I’m sure I’ll never write another sentence with those two in it so, Enjoy.

Joss Stone was at the wedding and also tweeted. Btw I didn’t know Joss cut her hair and when I first saw her, I didn’t even recognize her. Do you like her new short do?

Ana Navarro had to bring Trump into it, because she can’t not bring Trump into EVERYTHING. Stop Ana, please. You look obsessed.

Henry Winkler did the same. Not cool Fonzie. Can’t we have one nice day without politics? Come on people.

Bethenny made it about her A-type personality because of coarse.

Megyn Kelly tweeted a picture out of her and Kathie Gifford. This is my favorite, because well, look at them. Kathie has a swan on her head for Pete’s sake. They both looked in the mirror before leaving the house and thought, Yes, this is the look I’m going for. Lol, oh ladies… This is Carrie Bradshaw level 10 for real.

Speaking of Carrie Bradshaw, SJP tweeted this and I’m still confused what the X means? It was Malcom X’s Birthday yesterday, did she get mixed up? Did she want to merge the two events? Sarah, explain yourself.

And Michael Ian Black made it about sliders.

I freaking love sliders too Michael, but that’s beside the point.

Boy George tweeted about the fashion:

Amal looks beyond! Beyond what? A giant tweety bird? It’s anyone’s guess.

While most Celebrities looked to make it about themselves (what else is new) Most people were generally positive about the Royal Wedding and hopefully Harry and Meghan will live happily ever after and all that.

Now we can all get back to tweeting about Trump, posting selfies and promoting ourselves. Yasss! Btw, like, comment and share this please, I’ll love ya forever.

See ya next time…

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