Mario Batali is Toast.

Mario Batali is over. The NYPD confirmed that they are investigating him for sexual assault allegations raised in the 60 Minutes report, and now CNN has confirmed that Mario Batali’s own company will cut all ties with him.

Women who worked at restaurants associated with Batali told CNN that inappropriate behavior was commonplace.

One accuser said authorities questioned her in February, indicating that an investigation had been going on for months.

A former employee Trish Nelson told CNN about one alleged interaction with Batali.

“He pulled my head toward his crotch and said, ‘While you’re down there…’ insinuating she should perform oral sex on him, Nelson said.

“Those kind of humiliating events took place on a regular basis.”

Can you imagine? What a disgusting perv.

You can read more about the alleged allegations here: CNN- Mario Batali Investigation

Dude is going down. I’ve been so curious to what his celebrity friends like Michael Stipe and Gwyneth Paltrow have to say about him, but it’s been silent as the grave. I guess that’s to be expected though. Hollywood drops your ass so fast. Lol.

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