Trump Can No Longer Block You.

If you know anything about President Trump, it is his addiction to Twitter. Now I’m not judging, as I’m a full blown twitter crack head. I cannot NOT check twitter on a daily, if not hourly basis.

But it looks like the President can no longer lay the block hammer down.

In a ruling on a lawsuit against the president brought by citizens he has blocked on Twitter, Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald reasoned that Trump’s Twitter is a “public forum” and would therefore block freedom of speech if he censored who was allowed to participate within it.

I can imagine Chrissy Teigen having this exact face when she heard the news, lol.

Chrissy ended up on Trump’s Block list last summer and it didn’t take long for Chrissy to tweet about the new ruling.


Chrissy loves Twitter as much as Trump. We need both of them tweeting each other, if for no other reason than the lolz.

Astrologically speaking,

If you know Trump’s birth chart, that Leo ascendent is where the butthurt comes to play, and he’d just rather not see any criticism. I can feel for that, as my Leo moon can be emotionally reactionary at times. I’ve been known to block a person just because I don’t want to see their stupid username.

So how do you feel about the Judge’s ruling?

A victory for free speech? Definitely.

And do you think there will be mass twitter feuds coming from the President and his critics? One can dream.

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