FeelGood Friday- Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog is Living the Dream.

[photo credit: Abbey Thomas]

Here’s a story to make your Friday a little brighter.

Meghan Markle’s rescue beagle Guy, has a little fairy tale story of his own. The sweet little ‘Guy’ was adopted by the newly minted Duchess Of Sussex from Ontario’s A Dog’s Dream Rescue in 2005.


And what a dream Guy’s life has become since starting off in Montgomery County Animal Shelter, a kill shelter in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. From his home state in America, Guy was transported by volunteers to A Dog’s Dream Rescue, after the American facility contacted the rescue group to see if it had room to take in and adopt out Guy.

“I said, ‘Yes.’ I always say yes,” Dolores Doherty, the founder and owner of A Dog’s Dream Rescue tells PEOPLE.

This rapid response time was a first for Doherty. Sensing Meghan was serious about adopting a pooch from A Dog’s Dream Rescue, Doherty invited her to stop by an upcoming adoption event her organization was having at a local pet store.

As promised, Meghan came to the event, and, while Doherty didn’t know who she was at the time, she was struck by Meghan’s politeness, sense of self and because “her beauty really stood out.”

Shortly after arriving at the event, Meghan zeroed in on Guy and quickly became smitten with the rescue dog after going on a trial walk with him.

Doherty adopted out Guy to Meghan herself and knew she made the right choice when the former Suits star posted several photos of herself cuddling with Guy to her (now-deleted) Instagram account.

“This dog has a charmed life,” Doherty says she remembers thinking to herself after seeing the photos.

She didn’t find out just how charmed Guy’s life turned out to be until a friend emailed her about Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry and her successful acting career.

Doherty is touched that one of her many beloved rescues is now royalty and that Meghan chose to adopt.

This is truly a ruffs to riches story, if ever there was one.

Going from a kill shelter in Kentucky to Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace is more than a step up. Can you imaging this being your Furever home? Little Guy sure is living his best life.

#RescuePetsRock #AdoptDontShop

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