Spring Fashion Hits and Misses 2018

If you’re in a fashion rut like I am, try looking at these fashion divas for some inspiration and ideas.

Gigi Hadid:This is super cute and comfortable looking to me. Boyfriend jeans are sill happening, paired with a cropped oversized sweater, cute shoes to match and you’re good to go. The color is very Spring.

Victoria Justice:

A short cut out back floral dress. Cute. I’ve seen dresses like this at TJMaxx. The chunky heels on the cobblestone street look painful though.

Reese Witherspoon:

Honestly it’s rare for me to see Reese not making good fashion choices and her rocking the navy blue is no exception. Navy blue looks fantastic on blondes and can we get an ID on that handbag? Loving it!

Of coarse I’m going to sprinkle a few baddies in here, because I have to.

Kaia Gerber is so thirsty. Honey, we know you’re Cindy Crawford’s daughter, no need to wear a PEPSI jacket to remind us your famous super model mom once starred in a commercial for the drink. Good lawd, this whole ensemble is a giant NO.

Diane Kruger:

I totally love this look. Casual but fun. Light pink skinnies with a loose fitting striped top and hot pink kitten heels. I’m inspired, are you?

Chloë Sevigny:

Girl, what in the world? I know the heels and short shorts are a trend again, but I hate this. Paired with what looks like a sailor sweater and blazer over top. It’s just nautical chic meets hoe stroll and I’m not feeling it.

Paris Hilton:

Ohhhhhh Paris… stay extra honey, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Lupita Nyong’o:

Keeping it simple and casual in black and white with a bold blue statement bag, perfect for Spring. This is a Yasssss!

Karlie Kloss:

This doesn’t exactly scream Spring, but it’s so good I had to include it. For me, this is THE model outfit. Straight leg jeans, black cutout turtleneck, black stilettos, sunnies and Chanel bag. A timeless ensemble.


Always the rebel, Rihanna says no to bright colors and instead chooses ripped jeans, an oversized jersey and giant clog heels. If it wasn’t for those painful looking shoes, I actually don’t mind this. Sometimes you want to be comfortable, but those shoes, just no.

Victoria Beckham:

Whyyyyy? Victoria rocks her own Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2018 line and it is just a celebrity’s reason to wear ill fitting pajamas in the street. Let’s be real. I like the color okay, there I said something nice.

Blake Lively:

There’s a lot going on here and only some of its good. The dress is a little much for me, but if this is your style, more power to you. It looks like hubby Ryan sent her a room full of roses and she stitched a dress with them. Love the studded heels though.

Julianne Hough:

Give me that bamboo clutch now!!!

Hailey Baldwin:

She swings andddd she misses. There’s the short shorts and heels trend again, this time heeled boots. Makes no difference, this is all terrible.

Sofie Rochie:

Are these oversized jeans a thing? They remind me of the Kriss Kross Jump video from the 90s, remember them? Kriss Kross’ll make ya jump jump! The Mac daddy make ya jump jump. Loved that song.

Did you get inspired? Do you want to have a throwback 90s music marathon right now because I do.

[photo credit: Getty Images, ShutterStock, Flashnet, Jesse Baur/startraksphoto.com, Felipe Ramales/splash news, Gotham/Gc images]

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