All the Kim/Kanye Vs. Rhymefest/Drake Drama.

Don’t ever question Kim Kardashian’s ride or die status when it comes to Kanye. Girl went on a twitter rant Saturday after Rhymefest accused Kanye of abandoning Chicago and the charity Kanye co-founded with Rhymefest and Donnie Smith, named after his late mother, Donda West.

The twitter feud began after Rhymefest tweeted Drake asking him to contact the Donda’s House charity to help Chicago, Kanye’s hometown.

Rhymefest sent out his tweet after Drake posted an image of an invoice for $100,000 on Instagram. The invoice for “promotional assistance and career reviving” was addressed to Kanye’s record label, G.O.O.D. Music.

Kanye recently produced “Infared” by Pusha T on his album Daytona, which called out Drake for allegedly using ghost writers for his music.

Of coarse this got the attention of Kim Kardashian and she went off on an epic twitter rant in defense of her man.

She hit him with the ol’ lack of worthiness diss there at the end.

Rhymefest tweeted Kim back directly with his own statement.

Rhymefest’s Statement

He also tweeted something about Kanye.

Looks like Kanye has turned to the dark side. At least in Rhymefest’s mind.

After all this, Donda’s House Twitter released it’s own final statement informing the public that the foundation would no longer be using the name “Donda’s House.”

“We encourage Kim and Kanye to indeed pick up the baton of service,” the foundation added.

All of that over a diss track?

Meanwhile nothing from Kanye’s Twitter account, but to be fair, he was probably watching the Cavs/Celtics playoff game.

Btw, Cavs won. Lebron is the #GOAT.

[photo credit: Getty Images for TNT, Max Hurman/NurPhoto for Getty Images, Emilee Mcgovern, Kim Kardashian,]

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