ABC cancels Roseanne after racist ‘joke’ about Valerie Jarrett.

Roseanne is no stranger to controversy. You could say she thrives on it. Today while checking twitter I see Roseanne trending. My first thought was What has she done now? I follow Roseanne and honestly, she’s been tweeting crazy stuff way before Trump even ran for President or her show got rebooted.

Today however, she crossed the line once and for all.

She tweeted:Vj are initials for Valerie Jarrett, Obamas’s former White House senior advisor.

Equating a black person with an ape is racist as hell, and anyone defending this needs to be called out as a racist too. This is just wrong and she must have known it was wrong when Twitter blew up on her.

She then tweeted an apology:

But this is not the first time Roseanne has tweeted racist crap equating black people with apes.

Nope. Nada. Not.

I thought Roseanne was smarter than this, but obviously she cannot contain the deep seated racism that’s inside her towards black people. I mean, what other explanation could there be? Just to please her followers? To push buttons? Those are the kind of buttons that blow up your whole life and career if you push them.

Michael Richards anyone? Don Imus? Now you can add Roseanne to the list. DONE.

Barr then tweeted that she was leaving Twitter. She’s said that before and stayed. She used her account to promote her show, live tweet it, but most of all she used it to interact with her Deplorable followers, to tweet wild conspiracy theories and of coarse, praise Donald Trump. Twitter is very important to Roseanne.

This may be where the tide turns. Twitter makes people feel powerful. Like they can tweet out anything and only their followers see it. That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.

There are consequences and Roseanne is feeling them today. I wonder how everyone who works on that show feels? Roseanne, you screwed up Bigly.

Stay tuned for updates.

Update: Roseanne Dropped by Talent Agency

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