Madonna’s Daughter, Lourdes Leon in new Converse Campaign.

“Whatever Lola wants…. Lola gets.”

If you thought Madonna’s daughter Lola aka Lourdes Leon has been low key for a while, you’d be right. But that’s all about to change since the pop icon’s firstborn is now the face of the new Converse campaign. Nepotism? You be the judge.

The native New Yorker looks hipsteriffic in the black star adorned track jacket, matching Capri pants and shoes.

Ready for summer with a yellow halter, corduroy kicks and are you ready for it? Tube socks.

A totally weird pic of Lourdes in what looks like a seedy motel room, and this pose is beyond stupid, looks like she’s ready to take off from the bed. Fly Lola fly…

Who the hell was the photographer on this shoot? Seriously, what in all hell is this picture? The plaid shorts are cute though.

Hoodie Mellow Yellow: She looks totally miserable in this picture. All this sunshine yellow and the girl can’t even muster a half smile.

Letting her pit hair fly while rocking a white halter and oversized track pants, I’m sorry, but she just reminds me of Angela from Sleepaway Camp here.

I kid, I kid. In all seriousness though, she’s beautiful and the clothes are cool. I’m a longtime Converse girl myself. Gotta have my chucks y’all.

Shop at[all photos courtesy of Converse]

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