‘Solo’- Disappointing Box Office. Does everyone have Star Wars fatigue?

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a serious Star Wars fanatic. In fact, I’m not super impressed by any of the big box office popcorn movies, like Justice League, Last Jedi etc.

I do like to go and watch them on the big screen as a fun thing to do on the weekend matinee when I can, and I don’t dissect it beyond that.

I remember seeing a bunch of angry people after Last Jedi opened basically saying Disney ruined it and destroyed Luke’s legacy.

Now Solo is set to be the new steaming pile of dog poop that rabid Star Wars fans are in a rage about.

With a shockingly poor opening debut of $103 million as of Monday and $65 million overseas Sunday, Lucas Film and Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story is getting a ton of bad press over it, although Forbes is adamant Star Wars Fatigue Not to blame for poor ‘Solo’ debut

I was planning to see it this Memorial Day Weekend, just for the two cute leads Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover, but my Yorkie got sick and I decided to stay in. Still, I will probably see it next weekend, when there are less people in the theatre anyway.

One of the main problems I do have with these films, is the 2 hour plus length time. We really don’t need any of these movies to be that long.

Some of us aren’t even paying attention to the plot and just want to see big CGI effects in 3D. So wrap it up okay!

Have you seen Solo? Was it any good? Did Alden Ehrenreich do a good job as Han Solo? Or do you have Star Wars Fatigue? Let me know in the comments.

[photo credit: Jonathan Olley/Lucas Film Ltd.]

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