Azealia Banks claims Rihanna and Kanye West starved her.

Leave it to Azealia Banks to never let an opportunity pass, the woke Queen and voodoo priestess has jumped on the Kanye West controversy with her own crazy ass story.

Banks responded to Kim Kardashian’s tweet to Rhymefest:

Banks also claimed that Rihanna pulled something similar with her when she went to the singer’s house to write music. The beginning of her story starts with her being at RiRi’s home writing raps in the basement while Rihanna partied upstairs leaving Banks with only a can of peanuts to munch on in the basement.

Oh lawd, that is hilarious.

Banks, who was banned from Twitter last year, goes by CHEAPY XO now. You can follow her to keep up with all the Cray.

She since deleted one of the tweets however, but can we get a psych eval on Miss Banks anytime soon? For all our sakes.

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