Ambien Claps Back at Roseanne.

Roseanne left and came back to Twitter 5 or six times Tuesday night, all the while tweeting like a 90s Courtney Love on ICQ. It was insane.

I was up working late, so I kept a check on twitter to see some of the wack assery firsthand.

So in between quitting twitter, she was begging for more followers so to wield her twitter power in fighting for the people. Because you see, Roseanne is a civil rights activist don’t ya know. We need to follow the woman who calls black women apes so she can help us all achieve equality. She is a fighter of “FAIRNESS” after all.

What is this, the Legend of Billie Jean?

Wednesday morning, the makers of Ambien had had enough of her shit, I suppose, and issued a statement on the social media website.

Boom! That was perfect. Whoever wrote that dropped the mic. Roseanne really needs an intervention or something. One of her family members should snatch her phone and lock it up. Her twitter has literally destroyed her career, but she just can’t let go.

Trump also weighed in and made it all about himself, of coarse.

Wow, POTUS can sure hold a grudge. This Bob Iger didn’t call him years ago and he’s still mad. Lol Stay mad bro.

As for the queen of Deplorables, Roseanne, will there be more insanity from her twitter feed in the future? No doubt, if she doesn’t get banned first. She needs attention like oxygen. And Ambien, lots of Ambien.

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