Emma Stone and Justin Theroux – New Couple?

There’s been much speculation since the photos broke of Emma Stone hanging out in the south of France with Justin Theroux and friends, but it’s looking more and more like they are in fact a couple.

Emma and Justin along with Sienna Miller, tv host Derek Blasberg and Spider-Man Actress Laura Harrier were photographed taking a dip in the Mediterranean on Wednesday.

It appears that all of them were in France for Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2019 Show as ambassadors of the brand.

Later they papped Justin and Emma looking comfortable on the hotel balcony.

Media outlets are going crazy trying to fit this story with Stone’s American Sweetheart persona. It has been speculated in some circles that the two have been having a relationship all along and that is what spurred the Aniston divorce.

Whatever the case, I hope Emma knows what she’s getting into. Theroux is a recently divorced aging hipster deep in the throws of a mid life crisis. If she wasn’t the reason him and Aniston got divorced, then she is a rebound and that’s just a fact. Who knows, maybe she’s just having fun and doesn’t want anything serious with him. Maybe she just couldn’t resist those washboard abs?

What do you think, do you like these two as a couple? Let me know in the comments.

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