Twitter erupts as Samantha Bee calls Ivanka Trump the C-word.

Is everyone as tired as me of the Twitter

outrage or am I alone here? It’s perfectly fine if I’m on an island by myself, but I am tired, to be honest. Tired of the Twitter court losing their shizz about something someone said. It’s almost everyday, almost as if people wake up and wait for someone to put their foot in their mouth. Then they attack.

Yesterday the Deplorables lost their collective minds because Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a C-U-Next-Tuesday.

See the video Here

Samantha Bee is a comedian, writer and a political commentator on her own show. I don’t watch her so I really have no dog in this fight. I’m truly commenting on the overreacting that goes on everyday on twitter and the fallout afterwards.

First of all, she’s Canadian. When we start getting offended by the Canadians, we really need to reaccess.

Samantha Bee had to come out with a fake apology, (come on, you know it’s fake) And TBS also issued a statement.

UGH!!!! Can we stop this? It’s so disingenuous and annoying.

Meanwhile Roseanne is tweeting that leftists are lynching her because she’s a Jew.

In one tweet she said, “I’m not sure, but I think I spent the last 24 hours watching the party of inclusion, diversity, understanding, and acceptance, lynch a Jew.”


What will Twitter be outraged about today? Stay tuned…

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