Johnny Depp’s fans worry after new pictures surface.

I’m convinced that we all are so used to seeing plastics in the celebrity world, that when people start to actually age, we think they are sick or something’s wrong with them. It’s crazy.

Johnny Depp is on tour in Russia at the moment with his band Hollywood Vampires and some fans got the lucky chance of meeting their fave and getting their pictures taken with him at the Four Seasons in St. Petersburg. The photos appeared online showing a thinner, paler Depp than his usual bloated more tanned self and people lost their shit.

Some fans were tweeting out that he didn’t look well, that he looked like he was on drugs. Yet others were tweeting he looked fine. It got so bad between fans that the Hollywood Vampires photographer posted on his Instagram a message addressing the drama.

Jeez, can people calm the frig down?

This is Johnny Depp’s face. He’s 54 years old. He’s been through serious financial woes and a bad divorce. This is what that looks like when you don’t get Botox and fillers.

He does look less bloated, but isn’t that a good thing? It looks like he possibly went blonde again or it’s his shaved sides and we just aren’t used to seeing him like this. People really can’t let go of 21 Jump Street Depp and Captain Jack Sparrow Depp. He’s older now and such is life. If we’re going to call out ageism, we have to be consistent.

Besides he can’t always walk around looking like a drunk pirate with self tanner, loads of eyeliner, heavy foundation, dreads, extensions and head scarves. That was a movie.

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