Bad Hair Monday – Katherine McPhee

Today we feature the lovely Katherine McPhee. Kat recently cut her long flowing dark hair for an Anna Wintour style short blonde bob with bangs. A shocking change to be sure, so we have to talk about it. She’s getting a lot of flack for it. Fans are calling it a wig. It’s almost as if women can’t make a personal decision about how to wear their hair without people getting their knickers in a knot.

From McPhee’s Twitter: when people comment on my insta & say “wig!” i know what they mean, but also… i wouldn’t blame them if they thought i wore wigs, since i’ve changed my hair 4 times in the past 2 months 😩

Beyond the whole wig thing, I truly believe that there’s some weird spell that overcomes actresses where at one point in their careers they want to look like Michelle Pfeiffer’s character Elvira in Scarface and this is what happens.

Other celebs that have been overtaken with the Elvira curse.

Anna Farris


Drew Barrymore

Sarah HardingBritney Spears

Emma Stone

Oscar Isaac Oscar Isaac, wait, what is he doing in here? Oh he just married a woman NAMED Elvira. Never mind. Ahhh, but look at her hair… it’s just a longer version of Scarface Elvira. Conspiracy? You be the judge.

And what about Katherine’s new do? Do you like the Elvira style on her? Let me know in the comments.

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