Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry – New Couple alert?

No one knows anything for sure, but rumors are swirling that Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves are getting along REALLY well on the set of the new John Wick movie, ‘John Wick: Chapter 3.’

Sources say:  They absolutely have amazing chemistry but that hasn’t led to any official dating or any type of relationship between the two,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “To say something is brewing between the two romantically would be premature.”

Now I love Halle Berry, she is one of my favorite actresses and I try and catch every movie she’s in. However, she is messy as hell in her relationships. I don’t judge though, I think she just has a bad picker, which she herself, has admitted to.

She’s also emotional and dramatic(Leo) while Keanu is very chill(Virgo) so I can see this going south real fast.

Keanu is one of my all time faves too. I grew up watching him. He’s had a very tragic personal life and I truly wish for him a happy love life, but is Halle the right choice for him in the long term? I don’t know.

Still though, I can see these two beautiful people together, at least in the short run, I mean, look at them. Are they vampires? Do they swim in the waters on Lake Minnetonka? What is their secret? Neither of them age. Unfair!

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