Azealia Banks Vs Rupaul

Get your popcorn, this is gonna be good.

Disclaimer: I am sorry haters of Banks, I like her music. I can’t help it. She mixes house music with 90s beats and she can rap and sing her ass off. Trust me if you haven’t heard her music, go listen to the new Anna Wintour song. Girl is talented.

Anna Wintour Video

Anyway, in 2016 Azealia put out a song called The Big Big Beat . It’s really good! Well that is the subject of the fight between her and RuPaul now. It seems RuPaul may have stole the music from The Big Big Beat for his single Call Me Mother.

Now RuPaul’s album ‘American’ has been removed from Spotify, and Banks is alluding it’s because of her plagiarism claim against the Drag Race star.

NME Music News

Banks, who goes by the username CHEAPYXO went off on Twitter about the whole thing, and she did not mince words.

“You will not step on my little black girl toes bitch.”

She really can turn a phrase can’t she?

The tea is scalding!

RuPaul has yet to comment.

I don’t know where this feud is headed, but RuPaul, girl you better tighten that weave honey, cos Ms. Bank$ is coming for you.

Update: Looks like Twitter suspended Azealia’s CHEAPY XO account so she’s off Twitter again. Dang, we were getting good tea there. Twitter needs to stop stepping on Azealia’s little black girl toes!

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