Worst dressed at Ocean’s 8 Premiere.

I’m not sure what happened here, it’s like the ladies got together last weekend and decided to make a bet on who could look the absolute worst at the Ocean’s 8 Premiere. Is there a clear winner of worst dressed here? I’m not sure, maybe they should all get a participation trophy.

Let’s judge them together, shall we?

Cate Blanchett

What in the hell Cate? This looks like a muppet threw up all over your suit. Not a good look unless you’re Elton John or Elvis. What is that stripe down the side of the leg? If this look wasn’t bad enough, the stripe put it right in the ‘Belongs in the bin’ category .

Anne Hathaway

Oh God, where do I start. This is hideous, straight up no chaser. Why does she dress so bad? There’s no way to even describe this other than unsightly.


Gurl!!! What are you wearing? It looks like a deadly plant from a sci-fi film. Attack of the 5 foot 8 eggplant. Just no.

Sarah Paulson

Speaking of muppets… Facepalm! Are these ladies trolling us? She looks like she told her stylist ‘I want to look like the muppet from the kids show Yo Gabba Gabba.’ Well, you achieved that Sarah, good job, I guess.

Sandra Bullock

More feathers. This is not as bad as that last one, but only because it’s not neon green. It’s still awful. Sandy looks like she hates everyone here. She’s got that far away sad face that Ben Affleck sports on occasion.


Keeping up with Sandra’s red carpet misery, Awkwafina. This is awkwaawful! It wouldn’t be so blah except the look on her face turns it into something you would find in an Asian horror film. Hard pass.

Adriana Lima

Yass! Let’s cleanse are eyes with the gorgeous Adriana Lima for a second. She looks flawless here. Thank you Adriana for taking us away from the ghastly frocks the other ladies did not rock.

Helena Bonham Carter

Werk it girl! Helena looks really good here. Isn’t is strange that the usually out there Helena Bonham Carter is the one that didn’t come out looking like a crazed bird or creature from the black lagoon?

Mindy Kaling

Speaking of the creature from the black lagoon, I give you Mindy Kaling…

Hefty trash bag chic? Ugh!!!! Does this kind of dress really need a train? No, it does not. The cut reminds me of an 80s prom dress or bridesmaid dress and that’s not great.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid. It’s underwhelming, but she can get away with it because of that face. Enjoy doing the least Gigi. One day you’ll be older and have to pull out the feathers.

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