Happy 20th Anniversary Sex and the City! Let’s celebrate some of the ladies most memorable looks.

It’s SATC 20th anniversary, so we here at Glam Syndicate want to celebrate by remembering some of the lovely ladies most fabulous frocks.


Samantha Jones had it going on and she knew it. She always looked fierce. I could go on and on about Samantha, she was my favorite one, suffice to say, if I still played with Barbie dolls, I’d want my main Barbie to dress like Samantha.

Professional or party girl, Samantha did it with such flair. Even on a rooftop barbecue, Sam could bring it in a gingham two piece showing off her impressive abs. Always optimistic, always the life of the party. Samantha Jones was a force!


Miranda Hobbes was an ambitious, intelligent lawyer by day, serial dater by night, but she rarely looked bad. In fact, Miranda looked classy and perfectly accessorized every time she went out. The only time she slipped is in SATC 2 when they went to the Middle East and she was acting like a tourist on meth.


Clean, polished, preppy and always on point. Can we talk about how underrated Charlotte York is as a style icon? She dressed perfect in all situations and killed it every single time. I searched the internet to find a bad picture of Charlotte and could not find one. If a Virgo or Virgo rising was ever personified in a fictional character, it is Charlotte. Nobody’s perfect, but Charlotte York came damn close.

Last but not least, Carrie.

Carrie Bradshaw was a rule breaker. A trendsetter. She liked to stand out and do her own thing and her fashion choices certainly show that. There’s so many memorable Carrie ensembles, that I had hell narrowing them down to just a few, but I did my best.

The famous tutu. Where would Carrie be without her tutu? It’s literally our first introduction to Carrie Bradshaw in the beginning of the show. You knew she was going to be interesting when you saw her walking down a busy New York street in that get up getting splashed with water by the passing street bus.

The shorts, tube top and heels. Oh how I hate this look. Still Carrie had the body for it, but just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should. Carrie however, will and would.

That belt hanging out on her rib cage is not doing it’s job as a belt, but then that’s probably the point. And is she wearing a tiara or is that some oak moss in her hair? Knowing Carrie, it could be both.

Even though she was a a struggling free lance writer/columnist spending all her money on rent, shoes, cigarettes and cocktails, she somehow managed to buy a few furs. I don’t know how she did it, but if you look at her and use your imagination, you can kinda guess. I wonder why she didn’t pawn those furs instead of asking Charlotte for a loan that one time?

Hooker fabulous!

This Dior ensemble to walk around the cobblestone streets of Abu Dhabi is absolutely absurd and that IS Carrie Bradshaw in a nutshell. F being comfortable, Fashion is pain, but soooo worth it!

The big flower. Remember when she sported the big flower for a whole season or two? Like Laverne from Laverne & Shirley with the L on every shirt, Carrie put a flower on everything and it caught on all the way to the fashion runways in Milan. Trendsetter for sure.

I swear my mother wore something similar to this when she used to take me to the laundromat as a kid. Sans the stilettos, of coarse. Sorry Carrie, this one look is not original. It was done first by my stylish mom.

OG Carrie as 80s Madonna.

And I am a Material Girl… and by material, I mean throw all the material you can find on my body. Don’t bother to match anything, just throw material at me and cinch the waist with an 80s hair metal dude’s belt. And Vogue!

Black lace headpiece

This black lace crown piece is so popular, there are people that make and sell these on Etsy and EBay. You too can be Carrie, for around $70 dollars I think.

Bird on the head

Say Yes to the dress and aww Hell No to the bird on the head. This is one of Carrie Bradshaw’s most memorable looks. People were really talking more about the bird on her head than Mr. Big leaving her at the alter. Big himself, was probably wondering as the limo drove off, ‘Was that a bird on her head?’

And there ya have it folks,

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years. With all the drama between SJP and Kim Cattrall recently, I hope we could take one day to remember the fond memories. It was a moment in time. A shallow, frivolous time with too many cosmos and too many men. A lot of fashion and not too much depth, but that’s what made it fun. You got to get some fun out of life after all. Thank you ladies for all the laughs.

Who was your favorite SATC style queen? Did you have a most memorable look? Let us know in the comments below.

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