Trump commutes Alice Johnson after being charmed by Kim Kardashian.

Does anyone like Kim Kardashian a little more now than you did back in the day? I do. She seems less self absorbed. I don’t know, maybe I’m under some delusion, but I think kids and life with Kanye, life in general has made Kim a better, more well rounded person.

Yesterday I checked my phone to see that Alice Marie Johnson ‘s sentence had been commuted by President Trump. I literally teared up after watching Alice run to her family.

Alice Marie Johnson is the grandmother that got a life sentence for a non violent drug offense and the one Kim Kardashian petitioned the president and Jared Kushner to pardon last week. Time

I really respect Kim for doing this. She changed someone’s life for the better and any time you can help one person, just one person, that is an amazing thing. Well done, Kimmy.

And good on President Trump. This was important. He listened and did something that doesn’t really benefit him at all, so credit where credit is due. It was a good day for both sides to rejoice and that is rare. Let’s celebrate!

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