Fashion Friday: Must have item this summer- The massive straw hat.

If you want to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, you can do a couple of things. You can use sunscreen, you can sit under an umbrella, or you can don the biggest straw hat you can get your mits on.

Bella Hadid did just that and snapped it for Instagram so we could all rack our brains trying to figure out where to get a hat like that.

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in my leisure suite

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There are rooms for rent in New York smaller than that hat. Of coarse Bella is not the only one sporting the gigantic straw hat this summer.

Danish ‘it’ girl and model Emma Leth also wore the giant hat at her wedding to artist Tal Rosenzweig this past weekend.

Not to be outdone by the see through dress, mismatched polka dot shoes and lavender underwear, the massive straw hat holds center stage. This is perfect if you woke up with a huge zit and still have to go to an event. The massive hat if anything is handy in situations like these.

So do we love this? I’m not completely sold on having something the size of an eagles wing span on top of my head, but maybe I’m letting comfort get in the way of being a fashionista.

Whatever the case, can we stop for a minute and give credit to the woman who first brought this look to us, Samantha Jones.

[photo credit: Getty images and Emma Leth/ @emma_leth/ Bella Hadid/@bellahadid]

Happy weekend everyone! See you next week. #TGIF

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