Bad Hair Monday- Featuring Alanis Morrisette

Alanis Morrisette has been rocking her heart out since the 90s. She’s actually been around since the 80’s, first starting out in pop music with a big smile and a bad perm, kinda like a teased out Tawny Kitaen.

Then in the 90’s she rocked some straight bangs and made revenge rock that had us all sing/scream along at our ex-boyfriends. She followed it by singing naked in the street with long curly hair down to her waist, hippy chic style.

She emerged after having kids with bleached blonde locks and this was literally my favorite Alanis look of all time.

She looked so good blonde. You wouldn’t think that platinum blonde would work, but with her skin and eye color, it did. She looked like a grown up surfer girl. Sun kissed. She really glowed.

At some point, she had long, honey bronde hair and looked kinda like Eva Mendes. I don’t know when this was, but Wow, what a babe.

Now she’s changed her hair again and this time I cannot co-sign.

What happened here? She looks like a 1970’s librarian by day, swinger by night. This is the worst. The glasses are not helping either. This is what kids will do to you. She stripped it down, way way down and while I don’t care for it, she must like it. After all she’s had every hair style under the sun, she oughta know.

[photo credit: Getty Images, Pen, MTV]

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