Teresa Giudice, Bodybuilder?

Teresa Giudice of New Jersey Housewives fame has always been a hardbody, but she amped it up this year and no one was ready for when she showed up at the NPC South Jersey Bodybuilding Championships.

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star, who spent most of 2015 in federal prison for wire and bankruptcy fraud, started exercising seriously after her release. She kept her bodybuilding ambitions a secret, though, surprising the shit out of everyone when she turned up at a tournament on Saturday.

Pedestrian TV

Baby got back: Teresa shows off her bootylicious gluteus maximus.

Mama can knock you out! No one’s gonna mess with Teresa anytime soon, that’s for sure. And hubby Joe better come out of prison and be on his best behavior because girl can beat him to a pulp now.

Flip a table, pfft…Girl can flip a car with those guns.

[Teresa’s photos credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]

Update: Teresa won 3rd place. Congratulations girl, you earned it.

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