Rose McGowan has been indicted for felony cocaine possession.

If things couldn’t get worse for Rose McGowan, she appeared at a hearing in Loudoun County, Virginia yesterday where she’s been indicted on one felony count of cocaine possession. TMZ says she pled Not Guilty to the charges.

She claims she was away from her wallet that had the bags of cocaine for five hours before it was returned to her. She also claimed that the baggies of cocaine were planted by one of Harvey Weinstein’s goons.

The maximum sentence for felony cocaine possession is 10 years in prison!

She’s also been helping her longtime friend Asia Argento, get through this tough time after Asia’s boyfriend Anthony Bourdain took his own life last week issuing a statement on behalf of Asia.

I serious doubt Rose will get the maximum sentence. And call me naive, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone high up wasn’t trying to silence her. I know people do not like Rose. They don’t like her because they can’t control her. She is a wild card, but more than that, she is absolutely DONE with male predators and Hollywood bullshit.

I follow Rose on Twitter and she’s not for everyone, but I like her. This woman has been through serious trauma, from the vampires in Hollywood, the rape from monster Weinstein, to her own childhood growing up in a cult. She had that serious car accident in 2007 that caused damage to her face where she had to get reconstructive surgery which people then criticized her for changing her whole face.

If Rose’s lawyer can’t get her out of this mess, she can always call Kim Kardashian. Kim is good at getting women who have coke felonies out of prison.

Let’s hope for the best for Rose. Prison is not the place for her.

[photo credit: Nightline, Rose McGowan’s instagram @rosemcgowan TriStar pictures]

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