Fashion Friday: All the Summer Essentials You Need.

Hey there Summer guys and gals! Are your ready to head to the beach for some fun in the sun? Let me help you by showing you some of the essential trends that you’ll be sure to see at the shore this year.

The carry all tote:

This tribal print carry all tote bag is the perfect bag to fit all your summer essentials like, blotting papers, suntan oil, romance novel, body spray and even a beach towel.

Two strap sandals

The two strap sandals are a beach must have for the sheer ease of slipping them off and on in seconds. Plus they are super cute.


The Maxi DressThe Maxi is a must have. Every woman should have at least one. This Lost in Paradise olive green maxi would be perfect to go out after a long day relaxing by the pool.


The Gauze Shirt

This hot pink gauze top is a cool choice both in style and comfort to pair with some boyfriend jeans or jean shorts for a pop of color this summer.


Off the shoulder eyelet top

Show off your tanned, glistened shoulders with a pretty off the shoulder eyelet top. You can wear these with a skirt or shorts or even pants. Feminine, sexy and always in style.


The Floral Romper

This cute floral romper is just perfect for going out on the boat. Pair it with a pair of strappy sandals and big earrings and watch the men fall at your perfectly manicured feet.


The Asymmetrical One Piece.

Asymmetrical bathing suits are still super trendy and you can see why. It would be hard to find a figure that wouldn’t look good in one. These flattering bathing suits are both stylish and suitable for swimming.


The Tunic Cover-up

No summer essentials would be complete without a cover-up. This sheer tunic cover up with peacocks print is perfect when you want to cover up after a day in the sun, but still want to show a peek of your bathing suit.



Now for the dudes as well as the dudettes. Trust me when I tell you, Vans will never go out of style. You want to look cool? Get yourself a pair of old school slip ons. Find your color and hang ten.


The Panama Hat

All the celebrities and fabulous people rock the Panama hat in the summer and you can too. Stay cool and look cool. A unisex must have for your summer vacation.


The Shirt Dress

I’m so glad these are back. The shirt dress was so ‘in’ in the 80s South Florida and California. You would put on your highest heels, shirt dress, gold jewelry and out to the nightclubs you’d go. I think they were called safari dresses back then, I’m not sure, just watch the movie Hardbodies and you’ll see them. Someone figured out they were hot and brought them back in Vogue. Big thanks to whoever did that.


Delicate layered necklaces

This look is going to be big this Summer and Nicole Ritchie’s House of Harlow will have you all set with a set of these crystal beauties. If you don’t like crystals, there’s all kinds of different styles you can find with a quick google search, just make sure you layer those babies.


Tassel Earrings

These tassel earrings are a hot ticket this summer and they are everywhere from Etsy to Nordstrom. You can find every color under the sun to match all your summer ensembles. How fun is that?


Well, that’s it for my favorite Summer fashion and style picks for 2018. Hope you have a fabulous summer this year and don’t forget your sunscreen.

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