Bad Hair Monday – Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is a polarizing character no doubt, so you’re probably thinking I’m going to talk about what she tweeted to Melania Trump last night, right? Nope. There are plenty of people that will battle for both sides on that topic. No, I’m going to side eye her for that Howdy Doody hair she’s been sporting around now for too damn long.

Gurl… Your hair used to be your best feature. I know you shaved it in honor of your sister who had cancer and that is admirable, I respect you for that. But now it’s time to get some extensions or take some Biotin supplements, something.

And here’s the thing. I know looks aren’t everything, but you, Kathy Griffin, can come across as a real bitter Betty. It would be nice if while you were spewing your vitriol like a rabid Irish Setter, that you actually looked more like an Irish Setter than the MAD magazine kid.



Hell, grow it out to at least your shoulders like Malachi from Children of the Corn. That is more befitting of your personality on twitter lately, Griffin.

[Disclaimer: This is in no way to disparage gingers in any way. Red hair is lovely, just not Kathy Griffin’s.]

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