The Carters drop a surprise joint album with Everything Is Love.


It had been rumored for years and it has finally arrived: a joint Beyonce-Jay-Z album. Called “Everything Is Love,” the announcement was made by Tidal, the streaming company owned by Jay-Z. It features nine tracks, each credited to Beyonce and Jay-Z — or The Carters — and clocks in at just under 40 minutes, unusually brief for both artists; there is also a bonus track available on Tidal called “Salud” that the duo presumably felt didn’t fit with the album’s sequence. According to unofficial credits, the album features production from Pharrell Williams (two tracks, “Nice” and “Apes—“), Cool & Dre, Boi-1Da, Vory, Jahaan Sweet and Sevn Thomas, and guest spots from Migos (“Apes—“) and Pharrell.

The news began trickling out on Saturday afternoon with social media posts containing images from the “Everything Is Love” visual campaign. One image posted by Beyonce on Instagram received nearly 200,000 likes in less than 20 minutes as many noted that, once again, Queen Bey had broken the internet.

It was later revealed that a video was made for the song “APES—“ and was filmed at the Louvre in Paris last month.

I will be honest. I don’t like Jay Z at all.

I hate that Beyonce puts up with all his philandering and I don’t like how she keeps forgiving him while he keeps making money off her, because let’s face it, she is the more talented one. That’s not up for debate. Don’t @ me. He is the businessman, but she is the creative force.

I loved Lemonade and I still play it and sing along. I thought it was a fantastic musical journey and visual masterpiece. And I want more Bey, not Jay, okay?

Anyway, ignoring JayZ entirely, this video is visually stunning. It was filmed at the Louvre and Beyonce looks like art. Her skin is glowing, the highlighter is on point. The curls, oh my lord the curls are big and beautiful. I love her little Burberry bra top and leggings. The art in the background, the dancers, the fashion, it all looks amazing.

The Queen in full Versace.

Hard pass on the song though, it’s just not that good. For me, the only thing that saves it is Bey just by her sheer presence. Jigga’s rap is blah and Beyonce sorta mumble raps, which I still prefer over J. I cannot wait for the day she finally leaves him and makes Lemonade 2.0 the revenge album. That will be the day I have a block party, bake a lemon cake, serve lemon drop shots and wear my hair in a beehive.


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