Jessica Chastain chops her hair into a layered bob for Summer.

Jessica Chastain just cut her signature long red locks into a layered bob and it looks so good y’all. She totally went for it.

The famous redhead just debuted a brand new look on her Instagram, courtesy of her longtime hairstylist Renato Campora and makeup artist Tyron Machhausen. Gone are the long and subtle wavy locks that typically pass her shoulders to hang down her back. In their place is a trendy, middle-parted shag.

I doubt there’s a hairstyle that Jess couldn’t rock, to be honest. I loved her blonde bob in A Most Violent Year. I forgot to add her to my post about the Elvira from Scarface hairstyle gals. She dipped her toes into the Elvira bob for that role and knocked it out of the park.

Now she’s going with a more natural bedhead look with this new chin length bob, and while long hair lovers may not like it, I can tell you she will have a much easier and cooler time with this new part beachy, part grunge do.

What do you think of Jessica’s new look? Do you love it?

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