Fashion Friday: Colorful Denim Jackets

A denim jacket is always a good look for summer. Whether you’re on your way to the beach in the early morning when it’s still a little cool, a denim jacket is handy.

Or in the evening after sunset, over a bikini top and little skirt, a denim jacket is a perfect choice.

So this summer, why not update your old regular denim jacket with a new colorful one and get your summer vibes going pink! Or red, or orange!

This is one of the new trends I see, and I picked out a few to share.

Red Cherry Jacket| Chadwicks of Boston


Frayed Mustard jacket| ROMWE


Orange 80s Trucker Jacket|Urban Outfitters


Clover Classic Jean Jacket|Talbots


Ana Denim Jacket In Blush|JC Penny


Denim Cotton Jacket in coral rose|Jessica London


That pop of color over a cute ensemble will make you look summer chic for sure.

Published by Trish Marlena Sword

Blogging about movies, fashion, skin care, beauty, hair, travel, food, mental health, trends, dogs and other musings. Glamour is letting your inner glitter sparkle on the outside.

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