Paris Hilton’s Boo Hoo Fashion Launch Party

Paris Hilton has launched a new fashion line called Boo Hoo Fashion and last Wednesday night in Los Angeles, Paris Hilton arrived in a pink vintage Cadillac at Delilah Lounge making her entrance like a true Queen of Gaudy delight.

These are some of the tackiest people I have ever seen in a room all together at once so you’ve been warned.

Lil Kim was the entertainment. Paris, not to be upstaged, is in every photo.

Some of the guests in their finest of wares.

Lindsey Pelas

Cailin Russo (who are these people?)

Greer Grammer

Paris Jackson (Paris is the only one who’s fashion is pretty decent.)Nats Getty, Gigi Gorgeous, Paris and boyfriend Chris Zylka (looks like Chris went to the Fred Durst academy of how to dress to make a lasting impression🙄)

That’s hot! (Not)

I can’t even hate on Paris though. She’s a constant. Not much has changed since she debuted in the 90’s. If you want glitter, tiny dogs, blue contacts, baby voices, silver minis and diamond chokers, Paris is your girl. She’s dependable like that. I can always go to Paris Hilton’s twitter and know I’m not going to hear about politics or global climate disasters or any recent crisis in the world and how depressing everything is, and for that, I thank you Paris.

Good luck with your new fashion line, boo.

Shop BooHoo

[photo credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images]

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