The Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash breakup as seen on YouTube.

Since I’m a Youtuber, albeit a small one, I watch a lot of YouTube. I have watched Trisha Paytas since she’s been on the media platform. Almost over 6 years at least. I never watched Jason Nash until Trisha started dating him, but to be honest, I didn’t watch many of their collaboration videos mainly due to the fact that I haven’t had time.

But over the weekend I kept checking various social media’s when I found out that Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash had indeed decided to call it quits.

First it started with a video Trisha uploaded that was titled: We broke up because I’m too fat.

A sensational title to be sure. So I had to check it out. Apparently Jason made a joke about the two of them in front of a producer for a reality show they were scheduled to be on, where he said something to the effect of; ‘Yeah, because we are both fat.’ ‘We’ meaning the both of them.

Well that didn’t go over well with Trisha, she had never been called fat to her face and the word ‘fat’ was triggering for her. They basically fought about it until Jason broke up with Trisha because she said she couldn’t get over it and he thought that was silly.

Jason then made a video where he was at Vidcon and claimed that he never said the word ‘fat’ that he never would use that word in reference to Trisha, that he may have said ‘heavy’ and that he thought it was okay because it was a joke and he thought she was a partner in the joke and that they were playing it up for the cameras.

Ohhhh the draaama.

Then Trisha made another video where she stated the ‘real’ reason they broke up, was Jason had eating issues of his own, but they are the opposite of hers. He wants to eat healthy and work out and she wants to do mukbangs and order chicken parmesan at 11:30 at night.

The ‘Chicken Parmesan’ was a big deal in this relationship. People all over twitter and YouTube were going back and forth between videos like

Jason made a second video admitting he said the word ‘fat’ and apologized to Trisha. He also said a lot of nice things about her and claimed he still loved her, but that he doesn’t get “triggered” and something about the 2018 triggered culture he just doesn’t get. I was waiting for him to call her a snowflake, but it didn’t happen.

Trisha then put up a third video with ‘receipts’ which didn’t really contain that many receipts, but rather more rambling at a speed which only chipmunks can follow. You can try and slow the video down and transcribe this if you have the time.

What I got out of it was, there’s a possibility these two will get back together and they are basically the same person with different eating issues which are not compatible. However Trisha cannot promise him she will change. She’s being honest, which I give her credit. She’s also a Taurus and stubborn AF and not forgoing Cheesecake Factory.

What do you think about the Trisha and Jason breakup?

Can these two funny love birds patch things up and find some kind of balance when it comes to food, or is it curtains for YouTube’s ol’ Ken and Barbie?

One things for sure, you can’t expect to tell someone how to eat. I’m with Trish on this. If Jason cannot just order what he wants and eat and let her order what she wants and eat, without making little comments, then they should stay broken up. Life’s too short to try and make something work when you can’t even feel comfortable at dinner with the other person.

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