Bad Hair Monday- Lucy Liu

Many women go blonde for summer. There’s nothing wrong with trying out new colors and styles. We all need a change every now and then and the summertime is a perfect time to try a different do. Sometimes however, things can go awry.

Enter Lucy Liu.

This is nothing short of tragic.

I don’t know if this is a summer hair mishap or she did it for a role, but it’s so wrong I don’t know where to start.

First though, let me be clear, I believe anyone can go blonde of any race. Beyonce rocks blonde, so does Mariah and so do many Asians including a Youtuber I watch called Nami Cho, who kills it with platinum blonde hair and baby bangs.

The problem with Lucy, is the color blonde she chose is totally wrong for her skin tone. Also the style is so drab with the awful middle part that does no favors to her face shape. Who told her that the Sissy Spacek look would work for her? It. Does. Not.

Lucy, you’re a badass, I love ya girl, but you are a raven hair goddess. Go back to your natural hair pleasssse!

What do you think about Lucy’s new look? Are you feeling this or nah? Let me know in the comments.

One thought on “Bad Hair Monday- Lucy Liu

  1. I totally agree and I think the color makes her look older. Couldn’t believe my eyes when Elementary came on tonight. Go back to your natural look Lucy-PLEASE


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