Fashion Friday: Lady Gaga’s Street Style Slays!

With ‘A Star is Born’ looking to show the world Lady Gaga’s natural look and amazing talent as both a songbird and now serious actress. It was nice for fans like myself, to see some recent pictures of Gaga in her ol’ long blonde wig and outrageous outfits out and about walking around like an absolute boss.

While I think Stefani Germanotta is beautiful in her natural state, I love a Donatella Versace looking platformed pop goddess, I really do.

Here she is in an oversized bright orange blazer from House of Holland, fishnets, Giuseppe Zanotti boots, choker and cat eye sunnies.

Meow Queen!

Then we have Gaga at Pride in all her glorious glory with fluorescent rainbow eye makeup to match her bangles and buckles on her slit up jeans.🌈Gaga’s looking smoking hot.

Last week she was spotted leaving a recording studio in an all black ensemble with the Giuseppe Zanotti boots that could kill a person if indeed she needed to, for whatever reason.

Then again in all black, she walked the street like it was her own personal runway in black suspenders, holding a Gabriella Hearst bag in one hand and white roses in the other. Attitude for days.

She slayed again in this black and white checkerboard knit ensemble. Super cute outfit. There’s those killer boots again.

Then she surprised everyone when she stepped out in a red lace bodycon dress and these 10 inch babies.

Oh My Gaga!

If you thought those other boots looked hard to walk in, try these on for size. Can we give all the applause for walking two steps in these heels? I couldn’t even stand up and balance myself. I’d fall on my ass for certain.

I stan a sleek blonde disco queen.

[photos: Backgrid and Lady Gaga’s Instagram]

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