Fashion Friday: Melania Trump and Theresa May

Yesterday Twitter went wild as POTUS Donald Trump and First Lady Melania arrived at Blenheim palace for the UK state dinner with Prime Minister Theresa May.

I didn’t really care all that much about the political back and forth, I was interested in the fashion.

And these ladies did not disappoint.

Melania is literally Belle from Beauty and the Beast in this buttercup yellow gown from J.Mendel with heels by Manolo Blahnik.

And Theresa May rolled out the red carpet by wearing the red carpet literally on her body. You know I love red though and this was a bright ravishing red with red pumps.

Too bad this was not a hot date or else that dress would have been a choice pick. The split up the back! Hello? What are you trying to tell us (or show us) Prime Minister? I think she may have thought this WAS a hot date.

All in all this was just weird. Because Melania is looking like the Disney Princess that doesn’t want to be there and PM May is looking like she REALLY wants to be there, and by there, I mean anywhere Trump is.

Politics is crazy y’all.😂

[photos: Reuters]

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