Fragrance Friday: Reviewing Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER Beauty Scents.

Happy Friday Glam Fam!

Today I wanted to tell you about three of the body sprays I tried out from Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER Beauty line.

I bought 3 body sprays at $10 dollars each and it was free shipping if you spent $30 dollars or more. I also received a free gift with purchase: A blush stick.

I bought Sparkling Garden, Cherished and Turquoise.

My favorite is the Turquoise. Description: A refreshing watery floral featuring blue lotus, honeydew blossom and figwood.

Second Favorite: Cherished. Described as Lily of the valley, Tahitian vanilla and creamy sandalwood.

Last, but not least because I still love this one- Sparkling Garden: A fresh, lively fruity floral featuring juicy pear, raspberry nectar and golden amber.

Become an official Petal!


Or find them at your local Walmart.


You can see a longer First Impression/Unboxing video on my YouTube channel if you like.

Well done, Drew!🌼


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    1. Thank you so much! That really means a lot because I’m just starting out. Thanks again. 🙂


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