Brass No More: Toning Bleached Blonde hair.

Can you do something about this orange hair?

Why Yes, Bozo I got you!

Now I have tried a lot of toners, I know the popular T18 from Wella is all over YouTube and blogs. People do love the platinum.

But say you have some gold and orange bits, you didn’t bleach up to the level of the color of the inside of a banana, as the pros advise and need a toner. As you know, the T18 will do nothing to gold hair. Try the T28! Once called Princess Blonde. This is a perfect baby blonde color that cancels out gold and orangey yellow bleached hair.

Here is before and after pics of my bleached hair before and after I used the Wella T28.

No filters used on any of these. There is no yellow orange left. It’s still a super light summery blonde. I love it.


Products used: Wella hair lightener


30 volume developer


Wella T28 Toner mixed with the Ion Absolute Perfection booster that is a dupe for Olaplex and 20 volume developer.


That’s it! If you want to go blonde for the summer, just go for it!☀️

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