New Perfume Review!|VERSACE

There’s nothing like getting a new perfume in the mail that you’ve been wanting to try, am I right people?

Well Glam fam, I finally received my bottle of Dylan Blue Pour Femme Eau de Parfum from the house of Versace. (That’s Vehr-Sah-Che in case you’ve been saying it wrong this whole time.)

The notes are crazy. I don’t know what some of these notes even are, but here goes for all you professional frag heads out there:

Top notes: black currant sorbet, Granny Smith apple, clover, forget-me-not, Shisolia

Heart: Eglantine rose, Petalia, Rosyfolia, jasmine, ice infusion of peach

Base: patchouli coeur, styrax, white smooth woods, musk

Okay so the first note I detected was a melon note which isn’t even on the list. Interesting.

However that melon note disappeared and the only notes I could detect was the clover and possible peach.

I did sense jasmine in there, but I didn’t want to say for sure because if I was wrong, then I look stupid, you gain nothing and nobody wins. My real feeling about Dylan Blue, is it’s ‘Rich bitch from the island of Capri’ perfume.

Like seriously, this woman wears Dylan Blue Pour Femme.

Summer fragrance for the glamorous people.

So yeah, I love it. I stan a strong powerhouse fragrance that screams “Hello, my name is Fabulous.”

Try it out and transport yourself to a yacht on the Mediterranean.

Very Long lasting✔️

Gets compliments✔️

Very sexy✔️


Mini sample

Check out my Unboxing and First Impression of Versace’s Dylan Blue in my Youtube video below. Thanks for stopping by. Now get to spritzing!

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