Madonna turns 60! #Legend

Yesterday Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Penn Ritchie turned 60 and the Birthday wishes poured in from all over the world.

If you ever told me when I was young that Madonna would ever even be 60 and that I would be alive to see it, I wouldn’t have believed it. I don’t know if that’s a me thing or if everyone, when they are young, can never see themselves and their idols as older. I won’t call myself old or Madonna old, because F that. Women get enough crap for aging, you won’t see me pile on another fierce female force like Madonna with ageist nonsense.

What I’d rather do is take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of the Pop Goddess’s most iconic looks. And my favorites!

First, 80’s boytoy Madonna:

When I saw Madonna perform at the MTV music Awards, I about died! Never, I mean NEVER had I seen such a raw, natural looking woman with what looked like unwashed hair roll around the floor and perform with an almost feline sexuality like this woman. Who was she? Well, the entire world would come to know after that night.

The Virgin Tour. I had this on VHS, remember those? She had some really unique, trend setting looks.Burning Up video: Madonna made blonde hair and black roots a thing.

Like a Virgin video look was stunning in every way. Remember the lion walking around? Look at her face. What an interesting beauty she was and still is.

La Isla Bonita(1987)

Hot mamacita! Look for a very young Benicio Del Toro at the end of the video, hand picked by Madge herself, she’s knows a hottie when she see’s one.

As Susan, the free spirited street urchin in crochet gloves and pyramid jacket. If there was as any doubt who was the most popular woman alive at this point, Desperately Seeking Susan answered it. Madonna was!

The stripped down look for Papa Don’t Preach. Madonna can certainly rock a pixie cut. I have that shirt, by the way.😎

True Blue baby I love you….💙

The Marilyn look. Madonna’s Monroe tribute 💋

Strike a pose! Vogue was huge. HUGE! I remember how everyone was blown away by her Marie Antoinette ‘Vogue’ performance at the MTV Music awards. Mike Patton of Faith No More was particularly hilarious, look it up on YouTube if you have time.

Who’s that Girl was kind of a flop, but I still like the song and video for it.Madonna went dark for Like a Prayer and looked like a stunning naturally beautiful Italian woman:Does anyone remember buying the Like A Prayer cassette tape and it smelled like inside a cathedral? That was so cool. I remember sticking the insert up to my nose and inhaling, it was so good.

Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy:The iconic Jean Paul Gautier outfits made especially for Madonna for her Blonde Ambition tour.

And documentary style film: Truth or DareI loved her over the top bossy, get it done attitude in Truth or Dare. I have a lot of Leo and Virgo in my chart, maybe that’s why. She was the boss applesauce, don’t forget it. The Sex Book!

This was a polarizing time for Madonna, many people dropped her with this era, but I didn’t. I liked her more. 90s scandalous Madonna was my FAVE.

The hippie French girl style in the Deeper and Deeper video was a huge style inspo for my club nights at Aahz in Orlando, Fl. Holla if you went to Aahz in the early 90s.

Madonna for Versace:

The Versace campaign was glamour personified. I had a poster of her in the purple dress. It was a pull out in a fashion magazine. Italian glamour at it’s most fabulous.

Madonna as Little Bo Peep.

Erotica…..Romance. Her name is Dita, she’ll be your mistress tonight.Justify My Love: They had a warning before they would show the video on television. Around the Erotica/ Justify my Love era, Madonna did a movie called Dangerous Game, where she actually acted pretty well. No one really saw it, but Madonna fans know.

The famous Letterman interview where she swore up a storm and he said her hair looked like a swim cap, lol.

That was the Chicago Bulls era. Madge was almost a Basketball wife y’all.

My baby’s got a secret.

Bedtime Stories- A total gem of an album.

Don’t cry for me Argentina… Evita earned Madonna a Golden Globe

Madonna in Gucci at the MTV Video Music Awards looking fabulous, where she won a moonman. That was the infamous Courtney Love incident. God, I miss the ol days of MTV, I though Kurt Loder was gonna shit himself.

Ray of Light brought a softer, gentler, Ashtanga yogi Madonna. Still tearing up the dance floor though.

‘Nothing really Matters’ This was before people screamed “Cultural Appropriation” thank God we could enjoy things.

Miss American Pie:Thank you Madonna for proving you don’t have to have a big ass to have sass!

Music makes the people come together, yeah.Madonna in 2005 at live 8 concert in London performing Music is one of the best performances ever. Do yourself a favor and YouTube that.

Confessions on a dance floor:

I urge you to stop whatever you’re doing and YouTube Erotica live from the Confessions tour now! If you don’t understand the Madonna phenomenon and appreciate this woman’s talent and creative force after that, I just can’t help you.

Hard Candy:

Hard Candy is one of the most underrated, slept on, fun dance records out there, don’t @ me.


Madonna popped a tittie out on her MDNA tour. Ya know why? Cause she’s Madonna, that’s why.

Madonna performing for Super Bowl halftime:Michigan cheerleader grows up to rule the world.

Madonna – Rebel Heart:


We love your rebel heart Madonna!

I will leave it there, as there is just too many Madonna moments, and I will quite literally be up all night posting them. These are some of my favorites, though there are many more.

Madge is Mama Madonna(Mambo) now and living her best life in Lisbon, Portugal with her children and doing lots of work for her foundation, Raising Malawi. She is an icon and a true inspiration to everyone, to be fearless, to be bold, take risks, work hard, believe in yourself no matter what, love yourself and dance your troubles away. Here’s to many more birthdays to come.


[photo credit: Madonna, Madonna,com, JustJared, Getty Images, Pop Sugar]


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