Sexy and Affordable Pin-Up Style Bathing Suits!

Summer is almost over, but there’s always next year so why wouldn’t you jump on a deal to get a beautiful, well fitted bathing suit to rock for the rest of this summer or next?

Well, I found the perfect suit, PERFECT, for women who love the pin-up look or who want to keep everything in place while also looking like a hot mamacita! There are many colors and patterns available. I purchased navy blue, wine red and rose red. Rose red is hot pink!

The bust is padded nicely to keep the girls in place.

Wine Red

Navy blue

The navy blue looks black here, but it’s not trust me. It’s a dark navy blue. It looks black depending on the lighting.

Did I mention the adjustable straps. This bathing suit has everything you want if you are curvy or you want to be active and keep everything in place.

Not bad for 47, eh?😘

I am 5’6″ and 128 lbs. I have a 36C bust and I purchased size 6. It fits perfect, but it’s also stretchy enough that I could gain some and it would still fit. So happy I found these suits!




2 thoughts on “Sexy and Affordable Pin-Up Style Bathing Suits!

  1. Is this suit cut pretty high on the legs? Looks like it on one of your pictures. I’m 70 and still want to look good but that might not work for me. Enjoying your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! The suits really aren’t cut up high, I hiked them up on purpose. 😉


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