Fall Fragrance Pick: Club De Nuit Intense

Have you ever wanted to try a Tom Ford perfume? Specifically Tom Ford’s Noir de Noir, but don’t want to spend 200 + dollars?

Well, I have the perfume for you!

ARMAF’s Club de Nuit Intense for women is a dupe for Noir de Noir, according to Fragrantica. Which by the way, is THE forum for the perfume addict in all of us. I can spend hours on that forum. I am Sniffy Larue on there, if you ever want to read my reviews.


The bottle is beautiful, heavy and so glam. It is meant to sit on a diva’s dresser.

The perfume itself smells amazing. It is a strong, spicy, warm rose oud, which is very similar to Ford’s Noir de Noir.

I personally smell raspberry patchouli and that is just fine with me because I LOVE raspberry patchouli. I do smell rose on the first spray which is very strong, but don’t panic, it dries down to a truly beautiful earthy, spicy, scent. See my YouTube video below for my full review.

To conclude: This huge bottle of gorgeous juice was $22 dollars and that is a steal for the kind of fragrance this is. On top of it’s quality, it is extremely long lasting.

So I am loving this right now and wanted to share it with you gals and guys. Oh btw, guys can totally wear this. It is an earthy, sexy, spicy unisex delight. A true #GlamOnABudget find!


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