Going Darker Blonde for Fall.

Hey Glam Fam, It’s officially Fall season and I have been decorating my home in Autumn decor, as you do…(blog post about that coming soon!)

And I was just not feeling my super light bleached blonde hair I’ve been sporting for a while now. I wanted a change, but I also hate change, lol so what does one do?

Well I decided to lower my developer. Instead of using my 20v developer, I went with a 10, which is the correct way you are supposed to use toner to begin with. A toner is used to deposit a tint to tone down the yellows and golds in your freshly bleached hair.

I used Wella 28 in Natural Blonde with 10 volume creme developer and the result was a darker shade of blonde, like a beige blonde.

It’s a light champagne blonde. The best thing about this toner is that it appears to give dimension to your color. The underneath seems a darker blonde, just like a natural blonde would have, hence the name, I guess.

See pics below in various lighting:

Really loving this color.

Items used: Wella Powder Lightner

30 Volume Creme developer

Wella Color Charm Natural Blonde toner

10 volume creme developer

A very cheap alternative to going to the salon. Happy coloring and Happy Fall y’all!

See my Bleach & Tone tutorial on YouTube! It’s a hot ass mess, lol, but hey, the results came out gawgeous.

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