1 week on Antidepressants.

So it’s been a full week that I’ve been on Wellbutrin XL 150mg and at first, I didn’t really feel any different besides that hopeful feeling you get when you make a radical decision to change your life. Be it a diet, or going back to school, moving to a new place. All big decisions that bring hope and a jolt of joy into your day. That’s what it felt like to finally get back into therapy and on an antidepressant. A life change I hope, that will bring some happiness into my life. Because it’s been too long feeling like everything sucks.

After about the fifth day, I noticed I had way more get up and go. Almost to the point of being a little wired. This is expected with Wellbutrin so I’m not surprised. With that however, comes disrupted sleep patterns and things like rolling my ankle last night because I was just going too fast. Hmm, so as of right now, I’m laying with my foot up, icing it and that’s pretty much my plan for the day. The R.I.C.E. method they use for sports injuries.

Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Grrr, now I can’t wear heels this weekend.👠

Other than that, I feel better, but time will tell if things actually change. I will keep updating this blog as things progress. And as soon as I meet my new therapist, I will update about that as well.

Okay well, TTFN, Hope everyone reading this is doing well and feeling good going into November.

Much love,


I made a video with a quick update about this on my YouTube channel, if you’re interested.


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