Depression Update and Rant. 11/8/18

I thought I would just log on here and free form write what I’m feeling right now because why the hell not. I mean, at this point, why do I really care what anyone thinks? I don’t. Because the bottom line is, I really can’t stand people anymore.

That’s sad to say because I’m an extrovert and this pains me to say, I don’t want to feel like this, but days like today, actually most days now, I just want to hang with my animals and avoid humans at all cost. (Besides the couple of people who I love in my life, of coarse.)

This morning I logged onto Twitter. Big mistake right there. And newsflash; another mass shooting.

Okay, it’s tragic, but people on twitter don’t even wait till the bodies are cold before screaming it’s Trump’s fault. Ban guns now! Just insane ranting that has nothing, NOTHING to do with the actual crime or victims. Not really. They just use it to spew out whatever crap is going on within them personally and push their politics.

Newsflash: There will always be maniacs who kill people! There always has been and there always will be. People are sick and it has nothing to do with Trump or liberals, or guns, or race, or whatever. They are sick and demented lunatics and they are the only ones responsible.

A very famous actress, one of my favorite actresses actually, was blaming Trump for the shooting, saying he was a orange, blood soaked monster, then she went on to say she’s a Jew and the enemy is white skin. I’m like – ‘you are white! Everyone in the world would describe you as a white woman.’ Even if you are a Jew, again, what does any of this have to do with the shooting in California? Tell me, someone? I ended up muting her because I just can’t read that kind of vitriol before I’ve even had my morning coffee.

Yet and still, it had already soured my mood. It got me thinking of the kind of person on twitter who wakes up everyday to come on there and rage about the president. What kind of miserable life must they lead. Instead of going for a walk in nature or heck, if you can’t walk for whatever reason, you can go onto tumblr and look at beautiful pictures. Go on Pinterest and look at recipes if that’s your thing. Read a book. Anything beats logging on twitter and ranting about all the hate Trump is stirring while hating on him and raging yourself, pitting people against each other by race, gender or political views. I’m so sick of it.

Get a damn life. You are affecting people like me, who just want to come on twitter and look at cute dog videos and read about sports, pop culture and fashion.

Oh btw, while I’m on this topic. Twitter: it’s turned into a cesspool. I follow high fashion twitter accounts, positive vibes accounts, bloggers, musicians, comics, they all have taken time out of there usual day to rage about politics. The other day, a good vibes account was posting the most depressing shit about the state of the country, because in her mind, it’s not good. Yet, her whole account is about good vibes. See the conundrum?

I can’t even trust a positive thoughts account to post positive thoughts.

Anyway, I’m done with twitter for now. If I have to delete my account so as to avoid this nastiness, I will. I already deleted Facebook. I may end up going off the grid and living in the woods. I don’t careeeeeee anymore. These fuckers are ruining my day. I know, Just log off right? I did, but the damage is done. I’m already irritated. Basically I have to log off and never log on again.

As far as my antidepressants, I feel they are working. Except they have made me more bitchy which I guess, is my natural state when I’m not depressed. Or that’s just a reaction to the online nightmare that is social media; mainly twitter. I don’t know. All I know is, people are strange. Jim was right on the money with that one. End Rant.

4 thoughts on “Depression Update and Rant. 11/8/18

  1. Hi- I can totally relate. More and more I just avoid media except for happy things like food, fragrance and animals. Simple is best for me so I can stay sane! All good things to you.

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