1 month on Wellbutrin

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, but truthfully I have been running around trying to get used to this medication and I just haven’t really felt like blogging or doing videos.

I posted a ramble on YouTube showing the effects of being on Wellbutrin, it’s kinda like being on cocaine, but without the paranoia.


When I first started on it, the effects were straight away almost as soon as I took the pill. I would drink coffee afterwards because I personally like to enhance that speedy feeling.

I have been so blah and over it all for so long that this high jolt of energy and speed was a nice change and a welcome one at that.

Of coarse the honeymoon faze is over and when I take the pill now, I don’t feel anything, but you can still see that I’m more UP, if you know what I mean. I’m more apt to want to go out than stay in and if I stay in, I want to cook or bake or clean the house or something.

Though, I do feel like I can focus better, so for instance, if I watch a movie, I’m more prone to give it a chance and get into it, than switch it off because something is annoying or it’s slow or whatever.

Little changes like that I have noticed. I bet if I tried to learn something hard, I may have an easier time, but like this medication has made me want to make the most of my time, so learning geometry or something like that would not be on my list of new things to learn anyway.

I’ve also noticed that I’m not as reactionary as I used to be. For example, if there’s some shocking thing that happens in the news and all of social media is talking about it. I’m more apt to just keep it moving. If it doesn’t directly involve me, I’m on to something else. Now, to be fair, I am naturally self absorbed so this isn’t that big of a change, but when people post things I completely disagree with, I just roll my eyes and move on. I don’t engage them or feel anything about it.

I also have felt more satisfied with my life and not so miserable. Picking at every little thing that’s wrong. I live more in the moment instead of worrying about the future which is really one of the best feelings. I hope that lasts.

Okay so that is basically it for my one month on Wellbutrin. The fog has been lifted and I do feel a lot better. I’m sure things will continue to change and I still need to call and make an appointment with a therapist. That will be my next update unless something changes that I think is pertinent to tell you.

So anyway, Hope everyone reading this is well and if you are in need of someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or dm me on twitter. If not me, than reach out to someone if you are feeling down. The holidays can be hard for some people, so be easy on yourself and others at this time.

All my love and support,


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