Prettiest long lasting lippies! And they make great stocking stuffers too.

Okay I’m back with more of the Revlon ultimate liquid lipstick which has become my personal ultimate lip product, I’m talking holy grail. I know I sound crazy, I mean how can one get so excited about a lipstick, but you must understand, I have hell finding a shade that suits my hair and skin tone as a stand alone lipstick, that also lasts, so this is kinda exciting.

Color: Top Tomato

Color outdoor lighting. A deep red. This color is Stellar Sunrise. I think this color is absolutely beautiful.

The kind of coral shade that goes with every skin tone.

Before and after a full day, color is still there.

This color is Ultimate Orchid.A pretty soft pink. Below is a pic of this shade outdoors which I lined with Rimmel Tiramisu, my absolute go to lip liner, no questions asked. Suffice to say I am stoked about these lip colors. I would like to collect all the shades.

Color chart

Dear Santa, I’ll take Buffest Beige, Ironic Iris and Royal Raisin in my stocking this year, pretty please.🙏 😉

Hey Glam fam, if I don’t blog till next year, have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus and happy rest of December if you don’t celebrate. I will be back soon.♥️

Check our my YouTube video where I swatch and try on these lip colors on camera.

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