Popsugar’s Twinning Generator

Hello Glam Fam! Not sure how many of you are aware, but POPSUGAR now has a way for you to find your celebrity twin.

I mean, how did we live before without this?

Anyway, loads of peeps are doing it on Twitter and posting their results. Even actors are doing it to see if they get themselves. (Spoiler: they do)

So you know I just had to see if I was going to get Marilyn, or Bette Davis, possible Marlene Dietrich, hmmm it just has to be someone gawgeous and iconic right? RIGHT?

Haha, okay okay without further adieu…

My highest rating and the one I kept getting the most no matter how many selfies I put in….

Davorka Tovilo


Well, that’s why they give you the option of googling your match. Mine is apparently a German “model” who is mostly known for showing up at premieres and what not in see through tops with her boobies showing.

A pretty decent match on looks and fashion choices, I’d say.😙

My other two close matches:

Agnes Bruckner is the actress who played Anna Nicole Smith in that lifetime movie.

And Heather Locklear is freaking Heather Locklear!😍

I’ll take it POPSUGAR and thank you, you’ve confirmed to me what I have always known. That I should have been an actress and that I’m really really ridiculously good looking.

Just Incase you’re sick of my bullshit by now, here’s my dog Rocco’s results.

Because of coarse… I always said Rocco would be Kevin from Home Alone if he was a human child.

Anyhoo, I hope my readers have fun with this and I hope you have a wonderful and safe New Years! I wish us all the best in 2019!

Love youuuuuuuu!💋💋💋

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