My First Therapy Session.

Hey guys, this post is for people who are following my mental health journey.

Now to be honest, this is not my first therapy session. Not by long shot. I started therapy when I was 19 and went on till around the age of 35 so I’m pretty used to talking about my problems to someone I don’t really know.

It’s almost easier to blab about my life and everything wrong with it to a stranger instead of a friend or family member. This is not the case for everyone and it is extremely important that you connect with your therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist so as to feel comfortable opening up.

It’s very important to me that my therapist likes me, and I feel that they care. So they better be able to fake it, if they don’t. But I really felt like my new therapist really wanted to help. She said I could call her no matter what, that she would be available 24 hours and the only time she wouldn’t get right back to me, was if she was out with family.

I thought that was really nice. I’ve never had one offer that before. I can imagine if I had seen her in my 20s, I would have had her on the phone at all hours.

I arrived at her office carrying all my emotional baggage like it was part of my identity.Actually I dressed casually and comfortable. You want to be comfortable because you need all the comfort while you pour your heart out, cry and share your inner most fears. I, of coarse wanted to make a good first impression so I put my nails back on and tried to look presentable.THESE NAILS CAM BE FOUND AT SALLY BEAUTY. Press on nails

Can we talk about how cute my butt looks in these jeans? Nothing will ever come between me and my Calvins.

Fashion aside. I had to fill out a lot of paperwork, which you can expect to do if you’re seeking therapy. Stuff about insurance, what is bothering you, what doctors you see, Any meds you take, etc.

Then she asked me questions about alcohol and drug use. This took quite a while.

I even said at one point that I thought half the session was about my drug use, but she assured me it wasn’t that bad and she’s seen a lot worse. I mean, I’ve never done heroin or meth or anything, but I did my share of club drugs and drank like a fish when I was younger and she wanted to go all the way back to my teen years, ugh. This may not be the case for you, but I just wanted to warn you. It’s best to be honest.

Anyway, that’s all in the past now. Currently I don’t do anything except sometimes I eat too much sugar.🍬🍭🍫

We went over a couple of my main concerns, only briefly due to time constraints so I’ll refrain from blogging about it at this time. You may want to think about the issues you want to tackle prior to arriving.

While I share quite a bit on Twitter and Youtube, there’s some things I need just one unbiased, non judgmental person to hear, and that’s what a therapist is for.

I have another appointment next Monday so I’ll update afterwards.

I feel better being back in therapy though and I recommend everyone try it at least once if you are ever having a problem or need to talk to someone with no agenda.

[photo credit: Norma Jean and Marilyn/HBO, Gia/HBO, Clueless/Paramount Pictures, Mark Anderson]

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