Looking for a New Winter Fragrance?

Hey Glam fam, are you somewhere cold right now? Are you feeling the chill in the air? Have you pulled out your cashmere sweaters and boots, but something’s missing, what is it? Oh- your winter scent. What will you choose? Well, if you are looking for a new winter fragrance that not a lot of people wear, I’ve got the perfect suggestion for you..

Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession.

This stuff is lushhhhhhh!

A completely different and unique scent, that will have people around you sniffing the air as you pass by, wondering hmm, what is that intoxicating smell?

It’s my secret obsession, baby.

Top Notes: Exotic Plum, Nutmeg, Rose de Masc

Middle Notes: Egyptian Jasmine, French Orange Blossom, Seductive Tuberose

Base Notes: Cashmere Woods, Madagascar Vanilla, Burnt Amber, Australian Sandalwood

Isn’t that an interesting sounding concoction?

Even the notes sound sexy.

This perfume is described as a woodsy, fresh spicy, white floral and the fresh part is the feeling it gives you of just getting out the bath after using very expensive French soap. Not a soapy smell, but a clean smell, yet deep and mysterious, not a light “fresh” if you know what I mean.

Eve Mendes was the model for this perfume and the commercial was Eva confessing her sexual thoughts. Rawr! Turns out, the higher ups thought it too racy and pulled it. Squares🙄

They went with a black and white print ad with the beautiful Mendes in a very erotic pose.


This is actually a perfect ad for this fragrance in my opinion. It’s a scent to get you laid. A delicious, luxurious totally unisex fragrance that can be enjoyed by all.

When asked about what she thought about Secret Obsession, Eva said: “When I first tried Secret Obsession, I was completely taken over by it. When you try some kind of food and you instantly have a craving for another bite – that is exactly how I felt when I tried the perfume Secret Obsession.”

Take a bite.


My video review on YouTube:

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